Quality care is main priority

We strive to provide high-quality dental care to our patients. To achieve this, we work with well-trained employees, high-quality equipment and we follow the guidelines in the field of dentistry, hygiene and infection prevention and general laws and regulations.

We would like to hear if you are satisfied or if you have any tips to improve our services. You can send this to info@tandartspraktijkijburg.nl.


We believe that permanent training regarding new scientific insights is important. Therefore, we participate in courses and conferences both nationally and internationally.

Through performance reviews, we identify areas in which our employees need, want or can improve. A training program may be set up in consultation with the employees. This can involve both internal and external training and coaching.

Quality register

All our practitioners are registered in a quality register (KRT, KRM) and follow the necessary further training. A training plan is also drawn up every year in which the planned training and courses are recorded. During the performance review, the effectiveness of the training courses completed is evaluated. We also participate in visitations and observations are carried out within the practice during the work. The findings are fed back to the relevant employees and discussed in the work meeting.