What is a prosthesis? 

A prothesis or more commonly known as denture is a removable replacement for missing teeth. In addition to a complete denture, or dentures, there is also a partial denture (a plate). Which type is most suitable depends on the number of teeth you are missing.

Custom made

A prosthesis is custom made in a dental laboratory. Although today's prostheses are a lot nicer and more comfortable than before, it may take some time before you get used to them. Dentures never feel exactly the same as your own teeth, but they should not hurt. In case of pain, we can adjust your dentures.

Loose dentures

Jaws shrink when left without teeth, which is why dentures can become loose over time. This makes chewing and talking more difficult and can irritate or hurt gums. In addition, a shrinking jaw can cause your cheeks to sag, making you look older.

Dentures on implants

If you suffer from loose dentures, we can click your teeth onto implants in your lower and/or upper jaw. This secures your dentures firmly and stops further shrinking of your jaw. In addition to a prosthesis, fixed crowns or a bridge based on implants are also possible.