Oral hygiene

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Brushing your teeth alone is not always enough to keep your teeth healthy. Periodic dental cleaning by one of our dental hygienists is a good addition to your oral care at home and can prevent dental plaque and therefore tooth and or gum problems.

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Extensive dental cleaning

During a professional cleaning, we remove all hard and soft deposits from your teeth and your entire teeth (including visible root surfaces and spaces) are thoroughly cleaned and polished. Because new bacteria have difficulty attaching to the polished tooth surface, it is then easier to keep your teeth clean. This treatment is regularly concluded with a protective fluoride layer.

What does a dental hygienist do?

Our practice employs certified dental hygienists who, in addition to preventive treatments (preventing dental (meat) problems), also perform curative work, such as the treatment of gum disease and early caries. Our dental hygienists also help you how to achieve good oral care at home.