What do we mean by prevention?

It is wise to teach your children good oral habits from an early age. You can prevent oral problems such as cavities and gum disease later in life.

Prevent cavities and gum infections. How do we do that?

Analyze first

The dentist, dental hygienist or prevention assistant looks at brushing habits, oral care products and nutritional habits. And then gives you insight into your child's risk of developing cavities and gum disease. 

Prevention agreements

To continue to monitor your child's oral health, we make prevention appointments. The required frequency depends on your child's risk of cavities (caries risk). We determine this risk based on a scientifically substantiated schedule - based on, among other things, the quality of oral hygiene, caries development and breakthrough of teeth and molars.

Additional prevention treatments

Sometimes the dentist or dental hygienist determines that additional treatment is necessary. Such as applying fluoride or a sealant, which is a layer of lacquer to seal deep grooves in the molars. This approach can contribute to better protection against cavities.

Full refund

For children up to the age of 18, all preventive oral care treatments are fully reimbursed by your basic insurance. You do not pay a deductible for this.

All the benefits for you and your child at a glance:

  • Good teeth also mean a pleasant experience at the dentist
  • Good cleaners are more likely to be independent
  • A healthy habit ensures a healthy mouth for a lifetime

Give your child perfect teeth

Isn't that the best start you can give your child? With our kids prevention plan, we lay a good foundation for a healthy mouth later in life from an early age. Ask your dentist for more information or make a child prevention appointment immediately. We work with you and your child to ensure healthy teeth!