Orthodontic treatment is a way to straighten or move teeth. With this we not only correct the appearance of the smile, but we also improve the function of the teeth. It also helps the health of your teeth in the long term. This includes distributing the pressure on the teeth, gums and jaw joints.

Clear aligners or metal braces?

Braces are often made of metal that is attached to the teeth. Metal wires and elastic bands use force to move the teeth into the correct position.

Aligners are made of plastic and are custom made to fit your teeth. Each aligner moves the teeth step by step to their final position.

Benefits of aligners:

  • Appearance: Aligners are less noticeable due to the transparent material. Moreover, they are custom-made so that they fit exactly around the teeth.
  • Eating: Aligners must be removed to eat. This is to prevent breakages. This way everything can still be eaten.
  • Hygiene: The aligners are removable and therefore make it possible to simply brush and floss the teeth.
  • Appointments: A treatment plan is made in advance for aligners and the appointments at the practices are short and simple.
  • Comfort: Compared to braces, aligners are more comfortable. The teeth may still be a bit sensitive when they start to move, but the material is often smoother than metal or porcelain braces. by step to their final position.

Benefits of braces

  • Always possible: Although aligners cannot treat all cases, braces can.
  • Choice: Underwires come in different sizes and colors, with some slightly more discreet than others.
  • Compliance: Braces are attached to the teeth, which eliminates the chance of forgetting to wear them or losing them.

    There is a lot to consider when considering the options for orthodontic treatment. Aligners can treat most cases, but not all. In complex situations, the orthodontist may recommend braces instead of aligners for a better end result.

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